Christmas Script

Christmas Script

To get in the mood of Christmas and make you feel like you are in the Christmas spirit we have created a Christmas script below which will come in handy during the holidays.

1.     The call of Christmas

This series is not just limited to showing the arrival of Jesus. This provides you with a guideline and helps you prepare your church for the arrival of Jesus.

2.     Return policy

Return policy is a humorous script with an amazing message for the holidays.

3.     Jesus in the Old Testament

In addition to the New Testament you can also know about the Old Testament with the help of this script.

4.     Camp Sonrise: Jesus is the Light

The children at the Camp Sonrise are travelling but they are having a hard time finding their way back in the dark. This is a fun way of telling how Jesus is our light in the dark.

5.     Missing Christmas

Sara and Becca are looking for ways to coordinate their events during the holidays but they realize that they are so busy with their schedule that they might miss Christmas.

6.     A Christmas dream

This is a Christmas poem that calls people to begin peace with their hearts.

7.     Come to the Manger

This is a wonderful children’s play for Christmas time.

8.     Heavenly Expectations

This script is about the big announcement to Mary and angels are waiting to hear how it went.

9.     Every Day of the Year

An amazing story about siblings and how Christmas should be celebrated.

10.Been Good?

A parent discovers that Christmas is also for the people who have been good.