Follow the Prophet Day

Follow the Prophet Day

Opening Prayer

Opening Song: Latter-day Prophets

Station 1: This station is set up showing pictures of President Hinckley as a boy. Also a short story could be read [Some Answers Are Loud, Some Answers Are Soft by Barbara Porter is a good choice], because President Hinckley loved to read as a boy.

“President Hinckley grew up in a home where learning was very important. His parents had a room filled with over a thousand books, and he and his brothers and sisters often went there and read. When he was young, he didn’t enjoy school very much, but as he grew older, he began to enjoy it more and more. Now in his nineties, he still loves to learn.” [Friend, March 2001]

After this, the Primary splits into smaller groups and goes to the following stations:

Station 2: Temple Building (Picture of a world map with pins representing each temple. To find information about temples, click here.)

President Hinckley introduced the idea of smaller temples, so that more people would be able to attend the temple. Now there are 106 temples operating, 10 under contruction, and 8 announced. That’s 124!

The children would then “build” temples using marshmallows and graham crackers.

Station 3: Mission To England (Station set up with pictures of England, President Hinckley [see 1994 Ensign September])

At this station, children will write letters to the missionaries serving from their ward.

Station 4: Radio Broadcast

“President Hinckley, hired in 1935 as executive secretary of the newly formed Church Radio, Publicity, and Mission Literature Committee, helped pioneer the public relations program of the Church.

From that point on, filmstrips, pamphlets, brochures, radio documentaries and dramas were all increasingly used to tell the Church’s story. When radio was the instrument of both entertainment and information, the Church employed it. The Fulness of Times, a series of 39 episodes of Church history, was broadcast over 400 stations and ran for five years.” [Ensign, January 2000]

At this station, children can read a short script as they do a radio broadcast into a microphone.

Station 5: President Hinckley Sharing Time [January, Febrauary or March 2001 Friend]

Refreshments: President Hinckley’s Favorite Dessert–Jell-O cubes with whipped topping