Making A Mark

“Where’re we going, mommy?” my four year old foster son, Devon asked.
“We’re going to pick up your new foster brother, Aaron. He is going to be staying with us for a little while,” I turned to shout a little louder, “Kids, get your shoes on! Time to go.”

With that, our very large family piled in our very large car to go and increase our numbers by one more. And, as far as I was concerned, this was a cause for celebrating. It seemed that as the number of foster children we received in our home increased, so did our sense of excitement at the new challenges of making it all work. Continue reading Making A Mark

Family Night

Does it sometimes feel that you and your family members have a million different places to go and things to do? Do you feel like you’re being pulled apart in different directions? Do you find it hard to find time to eat together due to soccer practice, gymnastics, and band rehearsal?

This is a problem many families face. One of the things that can help keep our families unified is setting aside one night a week for your family. No cell phones, email, tv, X-Box, or anything else. Just you as a family. Continue reading Family Night

Internet Safety

Your nine-year old has just shown you how to get “onto the internet,” and you‘ve just stumbled onto this website. You really don’t know much about computers, or being “online,” and frankly, it’s a little scary. You’ve heard about such things as violence and pornography on the internet, and you are thinking to yourself, “How do I keep my family safe from these sorts of things?” Continue reading Internet Safety

Cooking Day: The Real Story

Well, I figure if you are reading this, you are seriously interested in freezer cooking. I like to call it that rather than “Once A Month” cooking, because it is a little more accurate.

I first learned about the method of Once A Month Cooking while I was online one day. Intrigued, I went so far as to purchase a book on the subject, thinking that I could do some research before I actually tried it on my own.

I have to admit, what I read was pretty impressive. It seemed that the women who did OAMC were able to feed their family of eight on about $65 a month. “Wow,” I thought to myself, “wouldn’t that be great!” They also claimed to be Continue reading Cooking Day: The Real Story